relationship with yourself

Beasur Kristīne Kreile

The most durable relationship we have is with ourselves. No matter how often we wish to change others and the whole world around us, lasting transformation starts solely and exclusively with ourselves.

The path to inner freedom starts with accepting ourselves. In order to accept ourselves we have to get to know ourselves!

relationships with others

We are formed by you and me! At the same time “us” includes different people who are on their own. We see ourselves through our relationships with others.

People want to be loved and accepted, but there are often times in a relationship when we lack the skills to notice and see what we can give and what we expect from the other person.

meeting with meaning

Dinner, conversations, new revelations and some quality time! This is the objective of the meeting. This evening is intended for meeting up in a pleasant atmosphere, to learn something new about the relationship and to enjoy each other’s company. Caring about the quality of the relationship is one of the cornerstones of a happy relationship!