Do You Want to Change Your Relationship with Others? Start with Yourself!

Inner Critic Never Sleeps Today there is a plethora of articles, guides and expatiations discussing that we should first love ourselves and others will come next, that we need to have a positive mindset and then positive situations will prevail over the negative ones in our everyday lives, etc. Thousands of people share beautiful little verses on the true values…

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[Im]Mature Parents and [Im]Mature Children

Relationships with our Parents might Influence our Life as Adults Relationships between parents and children are always multi-layered, changing and diverse. As children grow up, both parties involved live through the transformation corresponding to each age. When reminiscing about the years of childhood and adolescence that were spent together, both parents and children can recall different trials and a range…

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What Parameters do You Use to Measure Your Success?

Who is The Most Successful? Around us, there are increasingly more calls to become successful or more successful, to follow the habits of successful people and achieve unbelievable summits in our personal or professional life. Of course, growth and development are valuable and necessary and yet sometimes it seems that in this “race for success” we tend to forget about…

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What is Relationship Coaching?

Acknowledge and Evolve in Relationships with Others Relationship coaching helps us to acknowledge and evolve ourselves in our relationships with others to experience a fulfilling mutual relationship with people that are important to us. A relationship coach can help to discern and reveal what your relationship goals are, to understand and see the existing reality in your relationship, to help…

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What is Individual Coaching?

Getting to Know Yourself Individual coaching is basically a conversation, during which the coach dedicates all of his/her attention to listening to and finding out the essence of your story, as well as asking questions that help you to end up with answers that are important to you according to your own main values. It is essentially a conversation with…

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