Who is The Most Successful?

Around us, there are increasingly more calls to become successful or more successful, to follow the habits of successful people and achieve unbelievable summits in our personal or professional life. Of course, growth and development are valuable and necessary and yet sometimes it seems that in this “race for success” we tend to forget about the most important things: to stop, pay heed and be true to ourselves.


Who do you think is more successful: a housewife taking care of her children and household and supporting her husband or a bank CEO? A sauna master who can only be booked for whisking one and a half months in advance or an entrepreneur whose schedule is full of important meetings from morning to night? A snowboarder who has turned his hobby into a business or the head of a charity shop? A waitress or a TV star? This list of incomparable variables can be continued infinitely.

Often when we are asked to define successful personality, successful business or successful relationships,  we give different answers. In order to define your own definition of success, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • What do you value more?
  • Which people seem successful to you?
  • What is in your list of parameters to determine success?
  • Under what influences has this list of success parameters been elaborated?

Often enough, we are unconsciously attached to a definition of success that actually puts us under too much pressure and strain. Moreover, after matching this definition we still do not get the sense of satisfaction we want. When we start to analyse and look into the people or the actions that seem valuable to us, we find a lot of assertions about success and successful people that we have heard throughout our childhood or youth and that we have made our own and attributed to our life. Nonetheless, from time to time it is worthwhile revisiting and revaluing whether these assertions still seem that obvious to us and are still suitable to our inner self, taking into account our current life experience and understanding.

Be Grateful for What You Have


Nowadays, there are millions of opportunities to escape from ourselves and we gladly take them. We are striving so hard to be part of a movement and have all sorts of work to do, that it is difficult to simply be and to see our existence as a value without our duties, job title and circle of friends. Because when we simply are, and do not engage ourselves in some new little project or constant events, we have to face ourselves. This may be unpleasant. It may cause confusion. But it can be an opportunity to re-evaluate our inner definitions in a lot of fields that are important in our life.


In my opinion, the only parameter of success is whether or not we feel happy and satisfied with our lives. Still, no matter what your definition of success is, the key is that you are the author of this definition! Let them be parameters of success that you believe in and that inspire you!