Getting to Know Yourself

Individual coaching is basically a conversation, during which the coach dedicates all of his/her attention to listening to and finding out the essence of your story, as well as asking questions that help you to end up with answers that are important to you according to your own main values. It is essentially a conversation with yourself, but in the presence of the coach who is a professional moderator. The coach maintains the chosen course so that the person discusses issues that are important to him/her through the aspects that are significant to the person.

During these conversations, the coach can help the client to find out his/her values in life, goals, as well as actions and conduct necessary to achieve these goals in any field that is crucial to the client. We may address issues like self-exploration, self-acceptance, loving oneself, gaining self-confidence, career advancement and change, as well as many others.


Coaching Helps to Improve and Develop Your Life

There are people of different ages and professions among the clients of a coach and they have a broad range of important issues to be solved, but usually they all want to improve and develop their personal or professional life. The coach is mainly responsible for keeping the client motivated, letting the person know he/she is supported and keeping the client focused on personally important issues. What is more, a regular schedule of sessions provides the client with a system of reference to oneself and an outline of specific tasks.

The main aspects of coaching from the perspective of the client are:
• getting to the result/answer by yourself,
• making decisions according to the values and wishes of the client,
• focusing on a specific situation and the available resources to deal with issues that are significant to the client,
• focusing on seeing what can be learnt from a specific situation, what the possible solutions are and whether there are other applicable solutions,
• helping not to get into a rut, but to move forward,
• as a result of the session, a specific action plan can already be elaborated.