Acknowledge and Evolve in Relationships with Others

Relationship coaching helps us to acknowledge and evolve ourselves in our relationships with others to experience a fulfilling mutual relationship with people that are important to us. A relationship coach can help to discern and reveal what your relationship goals are, to understand and see the existing reality in your relationship, to help deal with different relationship issues both in the short term and the long term.

When working in a couple, coaching can assist in creating any kind of relationship reality that is desired by both partners. During the sessions, as a couple you can solve issues preventing you from enjoying your relationship, strengthen and develop couple values, mutual communication, as well as look for different solutions to conflict.

Coaching does not always have to be attended by both parties involved. The changes in a relationship often start when one of the involved parties deals with acute, unsolved issues and then it is possible to continue the relationship with a different attitude towards it.

You can also use the services of a coach if you are not currently in a relationship, but you would like to start one. In this case, the coach can help to get to the bottom of your relationship building models, understand your reactions and behaviour in the relationship, as well as determine the desired relationship model and the actions necessary to pursue it.


Can a Relationship Coach Save My Relationship (Marriage)?

A coach can help you on your way to solve some relationship “entanglement”, to bring a specific issue to light, to face your fears and matters that need solving delicately. During coaching sessions, the relationship is usually resolved and becomes clearer, but each relationship has its unique “set of questions”, so it is impossible to predict the exact final result. Besides, in this process, the coach is only an assistant to the people involved and the result directly depends on the participants of the process themselves.

What is the Difference between Relationship Coaching and Couples Therapy?

Relationship or couples coaching is not couples therapy, just like a coaching session is not a psychotherapy session. If you have any unsolved issues or relationship problems, a coach can help to discern what is essential, provide a new perspective, determine the fields to preferably be improved or developed, as well as to find the best type of solution for the existing situation. During a coaching session, you usually focus on the future and on the desirable result, while there is no in-depth analysis of the previous experience of the relationship. Sometimes the coach can recommend you go to a different kind of specialist to solve some specific issues. Coaching can provide highly effective results if carried out in parallel with individual or couples therapy.