my story

My name is Kristīne and I want to see us all live the best life possible, and in our society this transformation starts with personal changes, not with attempts to change others!

Before I used to hide behind different masks so that nobody saw my true thoughts and vulnerability. And God forbid that someone thought I was wrong! Sadly, by hiding myself in this way I not only built a high wall all around me, but I was also having a hard time “getting out of these walls” and leading the life I wanted! I had to face my prejudice, assumptions and inner restrictions to truly accept my own imperfections and the fact that it is not worth worrying about things I cannot change and people who do not accept or understand me. Does it mean I have less problems and a carefree life now? Not at all! However, I can live with pleasure and peace in my heart because it mostly depends on my inner condition and not on external life factors.

Only a couple of years ago I had a seemingly great life: an interesting and exciting job at an embassy, a family life full of love, my own interests and things to do. Most probably some of you might know the feeling that the external facade seems fine, but on the inside everything goes to rack and ruin. Only those nearest to me saw and comprehended my tears and discontent because I thought I had nothing to complain about! It was only when I went through postpartum depression that I was ready to do something for myself too. This is how I started the “revision” of my life to understand and accept myself, as well as live according to the values set out by myself and not by society or by other people (often even very close ones).

I am married with three children (aged 9, 6 and 4), so I know the joys and concerns of parenthood very well. The parent-child relationship, as well as the relationship between couples are among my topical interests. Together with my husband we have seen both ups and downs. We have had to start afresh several times, looking for the way to each other, because bigger or smaller crises tend to be a part of the relationship of couples. We have searched for the best formula of love for our mutual relationship so that being together brings joy to both of us.

I have always enjoyed talking and listening to others and also getting to know them. I am interested in practical skills and habits that help us to improve the relationship with ourselves and others. I have graduated from Riga Coaching School in the Professional Coach study programme. I have also completed Family Coaching programme. I have acquired an MBA degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in social sciences in the field of philology. Currently I am student of the Riga Gestalt Institute. I have also studied family mediation and the method of systemic family constellations under the guidance of Aloys Leyendecker.


Ieva, Entrepreneur

“Right question at the right time can solve a lot of struggles. Or it can show you another direction, so that you can look at your situation from a completely different perspective! Thanks for the right questions, Kristine!”

Madara, Marketing Specialist

Coaching sessions with Kristine develops positive adrenaline. Each session awakens the interest to find out more and more about the limitations of my abilities. Or even better – to discover that there are no limits! Because we can achieve anything that we can imagine! Thanks, Kristine, for being by my side in my dialogue with me, myself and I. Thank you for helping me to organise the chaos of my aims and dreams!

Eduards, Entrepreneur

For me coaching sessions “opened my eyes” and helped to look at particular situations from different angle. I have noticed that often in order to solve or accept some situations, it is not enough just with my inner dialogue. Therefore it is good to talk to someone, who can help you to get on the right track. As I work in the logistics industry I would compare coach to a tugboat that shepherds the big container ship when it enters the port and guides it to the quay. I am the big container ship full with my fears, stereotypes and questions.

Arta, Entrepreneur

I was looking forward to the coaching sessions with Kristine as I considered them to be the celebration for myself. Because in my sessions I literally reawakened – I dared to put my dreams as my goals, dared to start thinking more about myself and what I want from my life, it helped me to understand myself more. Unreal visions became more conscious and with models presented by Kristine, I managed to make structure for them. My life changed radically as I finally started to think about myself. I am very happy about the experience I gained. Thank you Kristine, you inspire and help to change!

Elīna, Jewellery Designer

Anxiety and problems floating in your head! Often it is even hard to understand the core reason of the anxiety, not even look for some possible solutions. In these situations my inner tension doesn’t allow me to see the ways to solve them. Coaching helped me to develop free space, and gave instruments to get the clarity and see those ways. The feeling I had was like somebody lifts you above yourself and calmly says “See, this is how it happens within you!”. Kristine as a coach with her inner peace and support, and ability to really listen to the client, helped me to relax and listen to myself more. I appreciate her abilities to guide, encourage and also promote myself to find ways, answers and resources on my own. When I leave the sessions, I have the feeling that I have realized about myself so much! The feeling that I am much more powerful and resourceful to change the processes. All of that fills my heart with easiness, but actually the magic happened through the coaching process and with the help of Kristine!

Beata, First-time Mom

Moms after welcoming a newborn face different challenges, especially things that they were not expecting or even imagining. Unhurried conversation with a person, who understands and supports her, can significantly change the wellbeing of a new mom. And it is also so important for the baby and the new father. Thank you, Kristine! You helped me to understand my emotions and accept them! You helped me to remember that there is a solution for anything.