Beasur Kristīne Kreile

relationship with yourself

The most durable relationship we have is with ourselves. No matter how often we wish to change others and the whole world around us, lasting transformation starts solely and exclusively with ourselves.

There are times in life when we are trying to walk the road or a part of it “in someone else’s shoes” because we have watched the person from the side and it seems that with these exact techniques and this lifestyle it will be possible to achieve the same result as that person did. But this road can only be enjoyed to the fullest when we step in the shoes that are best suited to our feet.


Throughout our lives, we are very good at learning different methods, techniques and competences to handle the “external” life around us, but we pay less attention to getting to know ourselves and the processes taking place within us. This is needed to become friends with ourselves! To start loving and accepting ourselves as we are! To truly come to know the person we must live with every day!

The path to inner freedom starts with accepting ourselves. In order to accept ourselves we have to get to know ourselves!


Have you been in a situation in which:

  • you run from job to job and lack time for your daily chores, not to mention time for yourself;
  • you would like to try so many things, but there is always a reason why you cannot do them;
  • you would like to see some change, but do not know what exactly;
  • you dream about something but you are afraid of making it come true in real life;
  • it seems you are stuck in a particular situation in your life;
  • you cannot see any use and motivation in continuing a job, a relationship, a project, etc.;
  • you are confused about what you are doing and why you are doing it one way and not another;
  • you do not have a clear vision of your future;
  • you do not believe in yourself and your abilities;
  • you experience the same situations over and over again and you do not know how to change it;
  • you constantly criticise yourself and you are never good enough for yourself;
  • you want to come to understand your mission.


Together with his or her coach, the client can solve these and many other issues through individual coaching sessions.


These sessions can be carried out in person or via Skype in Latvian, English and Russian.

Kas ir individuālais koučings ?

relationships with others

We are formed by you and me! At the same time “us” includes different people who are on their own. We see ourselves through our relationships with others.

People want to be loved and accepted, but there are often times in a relationship when we lack the skills to notice and see what we can give and what we expect from the other person.


As in a relationship we tend to be biased and identify ourselves with some specific preconceived notion about what a “successful” relationship should be like, coaching can help to see these different models and to understand what is really essential, as well as to develop the transformation of existing habits to shape the most fulfilling relationship.

Have you been in a situation in which:

  • you want to have a relationship full of joy, but something small is missing all the time;
  • you think that your partner does not empathise with, relate to or understand you;
  • you face the same difficulties/issues in a different relationship;
  • there are often arguments that are seemingly about nothing in your life;
  • important issues are often passed over in silence and are not discussed “for the sake of peace and quiet”;
  • a sense of weariness has overtaken your relationship;
  • you feel silly and hurt and the other person does not seem to understand you etc. in a certain relationship;
  • an unfaithful act has taken place and it prevents you from fully enjoying the relationship again;
  • you want some change in your relationship, but you do not know what exactly and how to carry it out;
  • you are considering separation or divorce;
  • you want to maintain a respectful and human mutual relationship even after separation/divorce.

These and other similar issues can be solved through coaching sessions. In couple sessions, both people involved in the relationship take part and talk over the issues important to each of them. The coach ensures that both parties can express their wants and needs so that they are heard and you can get to the result together.

These sessions can be carried out in person or via Skype in Latvian, English and Russian.

Kas ir attiecību koučings?

meeting with meaning

Dinner, conversations, new revelations and some quality time! This is the objective of the meeting. This evening is intended for meeting up in a pleasant atmosphere, to learn something new about the relationship and to enjoy each other’s company. It is suited to those in love, worn down by the daily routine or simply a couple, two friends, mother with daughter/son, father with daughter/son or any two people who want to learn more about what matters to both of the people in their mutual relationship.


Caring about the quality of the relationship is one of the cornerstones of a happy relationship! Here you will experience dinner with added value. During the evening you will have the chance to address each other and issues that are significant to you in a relationship, and at the same time it will take place in a light and informal atmosphere. And with a wonderful view of the River Daugava!

Where: restaurant Koya, 4 Andrejostas Street, Andrejsala, Riga.

What: you come and take a place at a table of your liking on the glass terrace of Koya, and enjoy a delicious dinner and each other’s company. I give you a little introduction on the topic of relationships, but then you cooperate on different interesting tasks while continuing to savour your dinner.

When: follow for the updates on our Facebook page

*It is possible to organise this type of evening for you and the person close to you only. To find out about the possibilities, please contact me individually.